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GI Hawk

GI Hawk GI HAWK Motion Sensor, Audible Visual Warning Perimeter Alarm, 110v

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Protect Your Property with the GI Hawk Perimeter Motion Sensor Alarm

Please ensure the safety of your large yards, farms, ranches, commercial yards, and industrial properties with the GI Hawk Motion Sensor Audible Visual Perimeter Warning Alarm. This advanced perimeter alarm is designed to alert you to any pre-break-in activity, giving you the crucial time needed to respond effectively and to protect your family.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Ideal for expansive areas, the GI Hawk alarm provides reliable detection across large properties, ensuring no corner is left unmonitored.
  • Early Warning System: Detects movement before a potential break-in, allowing you to take preventive measures and safeguard your assets.
  • Audible and Visual Alerts: Equipped with both sound and light alarms, this system ensures you are immediately aware of any suspicious activity.
  • Durable Design: Built to withstand various environmental conditions, it is perfect for outdoor use on large yards, farms, ranches, and industrial sites.
  • Easy Installation: Simple setup process allows you to secure your property quickly and efficiently.


This annunciator is based on the Doppler principle and radar technology, using industrial high-performance microchips. When someone walks or drives into the detection area, the sound and light alarm will be activated immediately. If people leave the detection area or are inactive in the detection zone, the sound and light will be automatically turned off. The sensing performance is not affected by temperature and humidity.

The GIHAWK Audible Visual Perimeter Trip Alarm is designed to give you more time to react to a situation. Whether it is an unwanted guest near your home or place of business, our trip alarm will give you the notice and edge you need to be ready.

Die-cast aluminum enclosure, providing good appearance, lightweight and corrosion resistance
* Sealed structure design, dustproof and waterproof 
* Super bright LED technology, with a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours
* Fresnel PC lens provides excellent impact-resisting strength, thermal stability, and gloss
* Industrial integrated circuit design provides strong anti-EMI capability
* Loud Submarine Diving Alarm and Zombie Alert tones come pre-loaded with adjustable volume for options

An ideal solution is to keep people from entering exclusion zones or designated areas without engaging the alarm security company. Our Doppler Sound and light deterrence warning alarm provides the perfect solution for the following applications:
• No-go or dangerous areas in the workplace
• Covering larger outdoor areas at home, office, or industry
• Distinct notification that a secure area is being entered or tripped
• Wherever people need to be alerted when entering a controlled trip area
• Wherever a highly effective deterrent is required
• Construction zones, hazardous areas, wet areas, Bohzon restriction areas, radiation alerts, hardhat areas, wet zones, safety reminders, and many other detection applications
• Customizable sound, tone, or voice capabilities make this a very versatile motion sensor warning system, customizable with any MP4 file you have.

Invest in the GI Hawk Perimeter Motion Sensor Alarm to enhance the security of your property and gain peace of mind, knowing you will be warned before a potential threat scenario occurs. This is where house alarm systems fail because you are alerted only after someone gets inside your home.

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